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Contemporary, modern and minimalist Interior Design & Architecture.
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:: YALETOWN CONDO :: in progress Plumbing fixtures have come a long way. For the chef at home who likes to cook but has limited counter space, covet the Chef Inspired Collection KOHLER #K-3760 Stages™ 33” stainless steel under mount kitchen sink complimented with flush mount sliding 2” solid black walnut cutting board & stackable / reversible assortment cutlery trays & serving bowls.  A great feature for extending the counter surface and providing a unique flexible work surface.  Another great bonus is that pricing on this fabulous sink is affordable for the kitchen project that needs a creative solution that is cost effective while providing high value. A must have for the 2012 kitchen.

To learn more about the sink features, watch this great video demo.


was wondering where you go to school? i'm looking into colleges at the moment and am really interested in interior design

A question by Anonymous

Hey, I go to BCIT. It really depends where you’re from, I say just research the schools that offer Interior Design Programs. If you know anyone from those schools ask them how the workload is, if the school provides any resources for future job opportunities, etc. One of the most important factors, I find, is to go to a school that has a good reputation in training their students well while being very technical and hands on.

Good luck on your search!